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Terms & Conditions Silver Flight B.V.

  • Our price in Euro includes all costs as stipulated in Clause 5 of Silver Flight’s General Terms and Conditions.
  • The price includes Standard Catering which may vary according to location, number of passengers, time and duration of the flight. Preferences and requests are respected if practically possible and cost is within budget. The price does not include upgraded catering.
  • Aircraft de-icing cost as well as passengers’ ground transportation costs are not included.
  • Any special request will be invoiced separately.


We kindly inform that the flight schedule may be subject to weather and airport conditions and other unforeseen circumstances, which Silver Flight cannot be held responsible for. See Clause 10-12 of Silver Flight’s General Terms and Conditions. Please be advised that in order to maintain the planned departure time, passengers are requested to arrive at the departure location 30 minutes prior to the departure (check-in time). In case of a possible delay please inform one of the crew members or Silver Flight’s representative.

Dangerous Goods:

Please note that transport of Dangerous Goods (including, lithium batteries, flammable liquids, compressed gases, explosives, fireworks, guns and ammunition) is strictly prohibited. Weapons for hunting are exempted from this when transported in a locked box and without ammunition.

A comprehensive list can be found here

Pets: Animals are only carried with the prior approval of Silver Flight. Passengers will always be obliged to have the necessary travel documents for their pets, including animal passports, CITES-permits insofar applicable, veterinary statements and medical certificates (if required). Pets are only allowed in the cabin under the following conditions:

  • Maximum pet weight 8 kg;
  • Transport in a suitable bag or kennel, whereas the pet can stand  and move;
  • Accompanied by a passenger;
  • No loose items shall be present in the bag or kennel.


Personal Travel Documents:

Passengers are obliged to have the necessary travel documents, which include a valid passport or identity card (if applicable), all necessary visas as well as medical certificates (if required). Passengers who are named in any UN, USA, EU or EU-member state national sanctioned person list, can only travel with the prior approval of Silver Flight.

Baggage and cargo:

Passengers shall at all-time be responsible for the content of their baggage and cargo and any compliancy requirements. Passengers are obliged to have the necessary travel documents, which include approvals of competent authorities (however named, such as licenses, permits, exemptions, registrations, notifications). Bringing the following items on board is only allowed with the prior approval of Silver Flight: CITES-regulated animals and plant (products), cultural heritage, sanctioned or export-regulated goods, medicines other than for personal use and phytosanitary material.

IMPORTANT: It is a requirement that  full passport information will be provided for every passenger travelling, not less than 48hrs prior to departure. This also allows correct calculation of Airport Passenger Duty where applicable. The number of passengers and their details cannot be altered without the prior consent of Silver Flight. For changes less than 48 hours prior departure, separate arrangements with Silver Flight need to be arranged and agreed.

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General Terms and Conditions